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S.Y.P. MOTORS of MINLATON has had a long association with mechanical excellence in the Southern Yorke Peninsula district, since very early in the 20th century.





S.Y.P. MOTORS was first run by MR. A.C. Morlet, then from 1915 by Mr. Walter Riddle, who was well known as a very clever eccentric. In 1918, S.Y.P. MOTORS also began to generate Minlaton's electricity supply. As well as doing mechanical repairs, Mr. Riddle and his large staff, believed to be up to 17 men, kept the power supply up 24 hours/day until 1948. Many apprentices were trained, including his son Frank Riddle and Gilbert Bansemer, who later ran the business together until Frank retired in 1963.

Gilbert Bansemer began at S.Y.P. MOTORS as a lad, collecting payments for power bills. He continued to run the business until December 1981, when he sold it to current owners, Ian and Anne Dreckow.

Ian Dreckow is the youngest son of Eleanor, and the late Leslie Dreckow, farmers of Cleve, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Ian's family farmed a mixed broad acre farm, just north of Cleve. Ian, from a very young age showed great interest in all things mechanical. Educated at Cleve Area School, Ian then trained as an apprentice with Ramsey Bros. at Cleve.


Ian became leading hand at Ramsey's Cleve workshop. He married Anne in late 1978. They saw S.Y.P. MOTORS advertised for sale, and in December 1981, aged only 24 and 26, they took over ownership of S.Y.P. MOTORS. They have continued longstanding associations with Horwood Bagshaw and Castrol, which date back to the early days of S.Y.P. MOTORS.

Ian's combined mechanical and farming background has enabled him to have a good understanding of the agricultural equipment that he sells and repairs, gaining optimum performance. He has spend considerable time field testing various agricultural items, and is an active member in the Minlaton Agricultural Bureau and S.Y.P. Alkaline Soils Group.

Many people are surprised to discover that Anne had a city upbringing. Anne trained as a teacher, her first appointment was to Cleve Area School. From there they moved to Minlaton, initially combining part time teaching with work at S.Y.P. MOTORS, beginning working full time in the business in 1985. From there she has embraced spare parts, sales, and clerical duties.

S.Y.P. MOTORS, on the corner of Main Street and Third Street, Minlaton has seen many changes, with their mechanics working on the first motor vehicles up to the latest electronic computer controlled farm equipment of today.

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